Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Every True Son

      I hate to even give this article the time of day and give it more attention by writing a blog post based on it, but it really made me realize what it means to be a true fan.
      I'm not going to sit here and act like I know everything about football or that I even truly understand the significance about being a part of the SEC, but these are just my opinions and observations on what it means to support your team.
      I've spent at least an hour now reading through all the comments on the article, and people could go back and forth for hours. I've seen UGA fans criticizing Mizzou's lack of accomplishments in college football, and Mizzou fans criticizing the article in general saying that an article like this would have never been published at the best journalism school in the country. I understand fans from different schools will never see eye-to-eye on an issue like this, but sometimes I feel like people forget what really matters.
      No matter what sporting event you attend, there will ALWAYS be a handful of rude fans. It's immature to let that small section represent the entire fan base as a whole. What upset me the most about the article is his comment about what Mizzou fans wear to the games. He criticized us for showing up in our jeans and gold t-shirts, while UGA fans wore their sundresses and "Saturday best." It's a football game. Why does it matter what either team wears? If Georgia fans choose to wear sundresses, that's their choice...and if Mizzou fans choose to wear their jeans and t-shirts that their choice. Since when is fan fashion important to how well your team plays on the field? I understand that there are certain traditions and reputations that go with each conference, but why should we be expected to change our traditions overnight?
      Probably the thing that upset me the most about Saturday's game (besides the loss) was the lack of loyalty in some of the Mizzou fans. The week previous to the game, Mizzou's first SEC game was all the hype on campus. Saturday was the most beautiful day on MU's campus. Just the atmosphere before the game was so exciting, and I had a great time hanging out with friends and seeing all the UGA fans. Obviously going into the game I wanted our Tigers to win, but I understood that the game was predicted to be extremely close. Regardless of what Jeremy Dailey says, I absolutely love the M-I-Z, Z-O-U cheer. It gives me chills every time it echos throughout the stadium and makes me proud to be a part of the University of Missouri. After we started losing by one touchdown in the fourth, a lot of the people around me in Tiger's Lair started saying "Oh, the game is over" when there was at least 7 minutes left in the quarter! I know it's frustrating when it feels like your team is giving up, but I was really disappointed with how easily the fans were giving up.  You can be upset, or frustrated, or disappointed with your team, but just like we expect them to play until the clock hits 0:00, don't give up on your team before the clock hits 0:00.

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