Monday, April 23, 2012

Final Project!

As the semester comes to a close, my group is finishing up the final details to our final project. I was the editor for the tv broadcast video. We decided to make this more of a features video of James and what flying means to him and how he balances his life.

I've really enjoyed working on this project. I think 3 people per group is the perfect number so everyone can do work on their own, but then also correct each other's mistakes. I took all of the video and pictures for the project since I am able to fly with James the most. I'm really proud of some of the photos. I think since James is so comfortable with me being around, it allowed me to really capture his personality since most of the time he didn't even realize I was taking pictures. Here's the final video and my favorite photo!

Click here: Sophomore James Militello's life is a juggling act between managing his schoolwork, a job and making time to fly. Although being a student pilot is expensive and takes time, Militello is confident becoming a commercial pilot is the best career path for himself.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Multimedia Journalism

Click here to watch the video!

As a challenge, this week my teacher asked me to write my thoughts on a multimedia piece. California is a place is a website we have visited during class and watched a few of the videos on, so I decided to pick one that I haven't seen yet. I randomly chose to watch Aquadettes and when it first started, I wasn't taking it very seriously. The combination of the music with the old women made it seem like it was going to be a very light piece.

As I continued watching, I was able to appreciate more parts of the clip. Although I think the addition of the music is distracting to keeping it as journalistic as possible, I love all the different angles and shots they have of the Aquadettes. A few of the shots were right on the water line, which I thought was really cool and creative. I also enjoyed this piece because it wasn't the light story I thought it would be. They focused on one person and came up with an extremely well-developed story. The view can see that she is very dynamic and that the reporter spent a lot of time getting the entire story and having her feel comfortable opening up about it.

I would love to be able to do journalism like this some day. As much as I love working at KOMU and news stories, I am much more of Features girl. In high school, I was the Features Editor for our school paper, and I loved personality profiles. Taking J2150, I've realized how much I love the multimedia aspect of journalism. I love telling a story through videos and pictures, instead of through text. Hopefully I'll be telling powerful stories like this one day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Students reach out to spread faith

Approaching a stranger in general can be a difficult task, but approaching a stranger to discuss faith can be even more challenging. Mizzou Students for Christ reaches out to fellow students to invite them to their ministry.

"It's awkward approaching people, but you just need to swallow your pride and humble yourself," sophomore Brendan Borman said.

Borman, a Parks and Rec Tourism major, first got involved through students approaching him on campus. He was very involved in his high school ministry, so he said Mizzou Students for Christ is a good match.

"They are definitely people I can trust," Borman said. "I meet a lot of people everyday. It's good to know you have people that have your back."

Mizzou Students for Christ meets two days a week for Bible talks and gathers on Fridays as a larger group to sing and worship.

Caption 1: Sophomore Brendan Borman is from Kingdom City, Missouri and a part of Mizzou Students of Christ.

Caption 2: Members of Mizzou Students for Christ approach students and invite them to join their ministry on random parts of campus, such as the MU Student Center or Ellis Library.