Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Multimedia Journalism

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As a challenge, this week my teacher asked me to write my thoughts on a multimedia piece. California is a place is a website we have visited during class and watched a few of the videos on, so I decided to pick one that I haven't seen yet. I randomly chose to watch Aquadettes and when it first started, I wasn't taking it very seriously. The combination of the music with the old women made it seem like it was going to be a very light piece.

As I continued watching, I was able to appreciate more parts of the clip. Although I think the addition of the music is distracting to keeping it as journalistic as possible, I love all the different angles and shots they have of the Aquadettes. A few of the shots were right on the water line, which I thought was really cool and creative. I also enjoyed this piece because it wasn't the light story I thought it would be. They focused on one person and came up with an extremely well-developed story. The view can see that she is very dynamic and that the reporter spent a lot of time getting the entire story and having her feel comfortable opening up about it.

I would love to be able to do journalism like this some day. As much as I love working at KOMU and news stories, I am much more of Features girl. In high school, I was the Features Editor for our school paper, and I loved personality profiles. Taking J2150, I've realized how much I love the multimedia aspect of journalism. I love telling a story through videos and pictures, instead of through text. Hopefully I'll be telling powerful stories like this one day!

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