Monday, February 20, 2012

Time Flies

"Do not wait; the time will never be "just right." Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along." — Napoleon Hill

This quote is definitely something I've learned this past week. I'm currently sitting at Panera trying to get some homework done (I'm so stressed about the rest of my week being jammed packed) without a clue of what I should write about since I've barely had time to do anything journalism-related this week. Then I realized that's exactly what I need to write about— time management and the importance of taking advantage of every moment you have, especially when it comes to journalism and photography. 

My roommate from last year, Teddy, always makes fun of me because she says at least once a week I come crying to her saying "my life's a mess, I need to get organized." But this time I seriously need to stay on top of everything. (I'm sure Teddy won't believe this) I work at KOMU one night a week. It's the beginning of lacrosse season, so I spent the entire weekend in Nebraska for our first tournament  where we won all three of our games (Go Mizzou!). I have lax practices Monday through Thursday right after my classes end until 5 p.m., but instead of going home and getting my work done, I will now be going straight to my lifeguarding job at the Rec until it closes at 11 p.m. some nights. I'm super excited about the job and to finally be having a steady source of income, but I realized I'm definitely going to need to start balancing everything more efficiently. 

Last week in Multimedia, we were assigned our three photos project. Luckily, I thought ahead and decided to take my photos last Thursday afternoon. I was only able to spend about an hour or two with Roy, but I made sure I made the most of it. I took as many shots as possible and tried as many different angles as I could, since I was working with sunlight as it was setting. I was running around, standing on tables and even sitting on someone's shoulders at one point to get the shot I was imagining. That night, I loaded the pictures on the computer and saw a lot of good ideas, but they weren't perfectly executed. I realized that I physically wouldn't be able to retake the pictures before the due date because my only free time would be a night after the sun went down. This relates back to the quote posted at the top of this post. You might only have one shot at getting the perfect pictures you need, so take advantage of it. If like in my case, your pictures don't turn out exactly how expected, you need be creative with editing the pictures and working with the shots that you were able to get. I'll definitely keep these lessons in mind for our next assignment and continue planning ahead!

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